Learning a language opens up doors into other cultures, job opportunities, and communication as a whole especially in the UAE. Being able to communicate effectively in another language broadens your horizons and stretches your mental capabilities, as well as access to different markets locally and internationally. For over 15 years, Tutor Doctor has been helping students of all ages around the world learn new languages, fast and effectively. By carefully matching students to experienced tutors, we make learning a new language enjoyable. Whether you are an adult needing assistance with a language or have a child struggling through a language class, the tutors we work with can fit into your schedule.

Regardless of which language you would like to improve upon, the tutors we connect you with can help with all aspects of the language – not just speaking. We can also help our students understand verb tenses, nouns, adjectives, and the overall grammatical structure. This improves our students’ abilities to read and write the language efficiently.

Arabic Tutors in the UAE

We’re ready to Help You Succeed!

Tutor Doctor understands the importance of language studies, which is why we offer professional tutoring services within the UAE in a variety of languages, such as Arabic. No matter what stage of learning you’re in, we can set you up with a tutor that tailors to your learning style. Together, we can focus on what you need the most help with so you can gain a full understanding of your studies.

With over 15 years of experience and thousands of tutors helping children with language studies all over the world, we’re trusted to help students as you succeed. We even offer free consultations with absolutely no obligation to you.

Why Learn Arabic?

  • Learning Arabic can be a fun experience. Some of the many reasons that make learning this language a smart choice include:
  • Arabic is spoken natively by over 300 million people and counting
  • Arabic is the spoken language of over 20 countries

There is a growing demand for Arabic-speaking professionals in the UAE and the region

Because of this, having knowledge of the language is guaranteed to help you stand out in your future, no matter what career you choose to pursue. In addition, Arabic will soon be a language of great value in many professional fields.

If you’re interested in studying, having knowledge of more than one language is one of the greatest tools you can bring. We provide Arabic tutoring for conversational and academic purposes.